Best Hand Planes For Beginners And Complete Buying Guide (2021)

If you are a carpenter, the first thing you need for your woodworking is a hand plane. And if you are a beginner you must choose your hand plane wisely. That is why we bring you the reviews of best hand planes for beginners.

Woodworking lovers love hand plans to smooth, shape, and straighten their woodworks. As a preamble, a hand plane is designed to perform a specific carpentry task. Carpenters generally use it to cut or smooth a piece of wood. This tool helps make the most exciting changes to your piece of wood. You will enjoy the sound of your hand plane, and it will be music for your ears.

Top 10 best hand planes for beginners :

Hand plans are necessary for almost all your carpentry projects. Without a doubt, you will always need it to smooth your carpentry. Therefore, we bring you ten totally recommended products so that you can buy and use them without any doubt. We have been careful in selecting each product keeping the needs of all carpenters in mind.

1: The WoodRiver No. 1, a Bench Hand Plane V3 :

The WoodRiver No. 1, a Bench Hand Plane V3 - best hand planes for beginners
The WoodRiver No. 1, a Bench Hand Plane V3

The first product of our reviews of best hand planes for beginners is WoodRiver # 1 hand plane. WoodRiver # 1 is based on a classic Bedrock design. This tool for carpenters is durable and collectable. It has a design created by Woodcraft. This supplier is a leader in saws, electric tools, wood, among others. It was founded in Boston in 1928. But in 1989, Woodcraft’s operations moved to West Virginia. Woodcraft is over 80 years old since Woodcraft has started operating. He has built a career in the world of carpentry. This has been of high quality and committed to its staff and clients.

 This Bench Hand Plane includes four planes. Besides, its parts are designed with high tension ductile iron casting. It is a tool with precise machining and has extra thick flat blades. Thanks to its design, it is effortless to handle and adjust. In addition, it is a tool with high performance at home.

It comes with a precision milled ramp. This ramp allows the blade to anchor correctly to the sole. You will not need to remove the blade to adjust the frog. Therefore, this will enable you to close the mouth of the plane quickly. In addition, it will help you tame the tear by brushing highly figured woods or other delicate grain. Plus, get a fully functional miniature smoothing plan.

  • It is a tool with high performance at home.
  • Its thick blade combinations, ductile iron bodies make Wood River # 1 of high quality.
  • Their frog adjustment mechanism makes them desirable as softeners.
  • It is a tool that allows super smooth cuts.
  • Its milled ramp reduces vibration.
  • The finish on the lever cap can be a little rough.

2: The Wood Block Plane of Kanna 65mm:

The Wood Block Plane Of Kanna 65mm:
The Wood Block Plane Of Kanna 65mm:

You will love this Senkichi hand plane. This brand is one of eight original supplier brands Fujiwara Sangyo Co., Ltd. It was established in 1944 and had seven branches. They specialize in cutting tools, carpentry, and gardening. So they have an incredible experience in this industry. In addition, its product line offers around 100,000 models.

It will allow you ultimate control while using and pulling it. It will enable you to leave the wood spectacularly. This tool is designed so that you feel like it is customized for your projects. Also, it is ideal to mole any wooden surface. You can do it quickly and easily.

It has a sheet width of 65mm so you can carry out large projects. It has been made of a wooden base. Moreover, its material is metal. With this steel plane, you can perform blade repairs in a fast way.

You must be careful when handling it. You should not use it if there is a crack in the body of the plane. It is not designed from this perspective. In any case that you find a nail in the material, you must extract it safely and use it.

  • Your small investment will be worth it with the quality you will receive.
  • It is designed in a tough way and to be durable for decades.
  • You can watch videos on Youtube to customize your hand plane.
  • It is an excellent option for beginners. However, the more experienced carpenters will love it.
  • It is a modest tool but invaluable
  • You must configure it yourself, and it can take hours.
  • The blade may be extremely tight when received.

3: The new compact Swiss 105 evolution – Hand Plane:

The New Compact Swiss 105 Evolution - Hand Plane
The New Compact Swiss 105 Evolution – Hand Plane

Its ergonomics and precision will make you fall in love. Therefore, they have a Swiss design and quality. Its star provider is Rali. Its main feature is its easy way to use. In addition, you can configure and adjust it quickly. Another common feature of this tool is its effectiveness in changing blades. The blades can be changed in 10 seconds. Thus, it has an automatic alignment.

You will have the ability to have instant fingertip control over the depth of the blade. You can use a red lever at the top of the plane. Another material with which it is created is the rolled steel soles. They provide a smooth, long-lasting brushing surface. Besides, it has black sides resistant to corrosion that may be caused. Also, it has a fully adjustable backplate. Finally, it has a parallel design to the 220 evolution.

  • This plane works perfectly to place rails, drawers, cut things to the ideal size.
  • It provides you with an extra blade pack.
  • It has high quality and perfect for daily use.
  • Rolled steel plates help it not break if dropped on the floor.
  • Rali plans are cheap but totally durable compared to high-end planes.
  • There is not much detailed information to be able to review and follow.
  • You have to purchase sharpening equipment or sharpen by hand.

4: The Taytools 469584 with Jointer Bench Hand Plane style:

The Taytools 469584 With Jointer Bench Hand Plane Style
The Taytools 469584 With Jointer Bench Hand Plane Style:

This is Taytool jointer # 7. All carpenters love this tool. And that is why this hand plane comes at number four of our reviews of best hand planes for beginners. It allows you to perform, shoot, flatten, from small boards to large ones. You will have the ability to achieve a smooth and precise finish, as you are looking for it. This plane has a comfortable and ideal assembly for a demanding carpenter. The body part and the frog have ductile iron as a material. In addition, it has a precision machined sole and sides. This precision can reach 0.006″ over the entire length of the sole.

It includes a knob and a Sapele bag. They are carefully sanded, shaped, oiled, and everything you will need. In addition, iron is 0.120 “thick, and 2-3 / 8” wide. Also, its sole has precision ground within the British standard. Polished brasses are the materials provided by the iron screws and adjusting wheels. Finally, it has a bed angle of 45 degrees.

  • You will have a flat and quite sharp frog surface.
  • You will increase the speed of flattening longboards.
  • They have excellent customer service.
  • Its price is reasonable and is consistent with the quality.
  • This is a durable product.
  • It is a bit of a massive tool.
  • It may take a little while to flatten the blade.

5: The Taytools 469591 with Fore Bench Hand Plane #6 18 Inch :

Taytools 469591 Fore Bench Hand Plane #6
Taytools 469591 Fore Bench Hand Plane #6

This is the best affordable hand plane that you can get. This is a front plane # 6. It is perfect for joining what you want, flatten, enlist areas, among other tasks. It has a body and a frog made from ductile iron. This means that it is almost indestructible. It also has an elaborate bag and knob from Sapele.

Moreover, they are oiled and rubbed to become top quality. Another characteristic is its iron with a thickness of 0.120”. It is made of steel for any hardened and tempered tool of about 55-60. It has a total length of 18 “. This plane has a suitable mass and a weight of 7.86 pounds. In addition, the frog can be adjusted forward and back.

  • You will have flat soles, square sides, and a sharp blade.
  • You will have a flat iron and perfect bevel angle.
  • You will have a real job with perfect preparation.
  • It has a beautiful finish on the lid.
  • Your product will come with a fresh smell like yesterday would have ended.
  • The blade may move slightly.
  • Chip breakers may be slightly different than conventional chip breakers.

6: The Small Chisel Hand Plane – Wood River :

WoodRiver Small Chisel Hand Plane
WoodRiver Small Chisel Hand Plane

Our fifth product is from the Wood River brand. This brand is characterized by being a leader in the market. The manufacturer of this Small Chisel is Woodcraft. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that this supplier is distinguished by being awarded for its Wood River brand.

It will help you remove excess glue, cut, and smooth your wood. This Wood River is quite small in size. Thanks to its size, it facilitates the manoeuvre in totally narrow and small places. In addition, you can clean glue lines and extremely light trimming tasks. Wood River measures 4-1 / 2 “long (5” OAL) by 1-3 / 4 “wide. It is very light in terms of price so that you will handle it easily.

Practically, this is a chisel plane that is designed with a chisel perched on a wedge. Thanks to this design, you will always be controlling a depth adjustment to control the cut.

  • It could be the perfect gift for woodworking lovers.
  • It is a solid tool used as a chisel.
  • You can clean all the wood you need for making a square.
  • It has a much thicker blade.
  • The manufacturer is one of the leaders in its industry.
  • Some people may think it is overpriced.
  • It can be a bit tricky to adjust.

7: The Taytools 469607 Bench Hand Plane #5 14 1/4 inch :

Taytools 469607 Jack Smoothing Bench Hand Plane #5, 14-1/4 Inch
Taytools 469607 Jack Smoothing Bench Hand Plane #5, 14-1/4 Inch

Our fourth product is one of the best hand plans to own. We bring you Jack Plane #5. This tool is designed to smooth and flatten wherever you want. You will have a smooth and beautiful finish on your wood. Its primary materials are resistant ductile cast iron, as well as the knob and the bag with Sapele. Its main characteristics are iron with a thickness of 0.120″. In addition, its durability thanks to tool steel. This is hardened and tempered to 55-60.

  • It is usually compared and is said to be better than a Lie Nielsen.
  • The appearance and weight are totally acceptable for woodworking lovers.
  • It is effortless to disassemble the plane and clean all the preservative oils.
  • The shavings were consistent and smooth.
  • The cuts are made too quickly.
  • You may have some cosmetic paint blemishes. However, it does not affect performance.
  • The instructions may not be self-explanatory.

8: The Hand Plane Set by AIZYR:

AIZYR Hand Plane Set, Block Plane Record Cast Iron
AIZYR Hand Plane Set, Block Plane Record Cast Iron

Our third product is from AIZYR. This provider is dedicated to providing the best customer service. It is for this reason that they only use high-quality materials in their tools. Its manufacture is made of cast iron. Also, thanks to its contents and durability, it allows you to start using it calmly. It is designed for beginners and carpentry lovers.

Besides, thanks to its lightness, this product can be easily handled. This tool has a European blade. The biggest difference between this and the ordinary one is that the European one has the slot in the middle. Also, its slot length in the middle of the style is European too.

  • It has a cast iron construction for longer life.
  • It allows you to start calmly with your projects
  • It has a brushed blade created from welded steel.
  • The steel it owns is Mujingfang high speed.
  • It is not a very heavy item.
  • The guarantee may vary.

9: The fantastic Taytools 469614 with Smoothing Bench Hand Plane #4 9 3/4 Inch :

Taytools 469614 Smoothing Bench Hand Plane #4, 9-3/4 Inch

Taytools 469614 Smoothing Bench Hand Plane #4, 9-3/4 Inch

We are about to reach the best affordable hand plane. But first, we bring you option number two on our list. Taytools create this fabulous product. Of course, it is not the first one we mentioned here. The difference is that this tool has an almost permanent body and frog. This is thanks to the ductile iron material. In addition, its Sapele material in the bag and the knob helps to generate higher quality. Also, it has a precision ground sole within the British standard. This means that its length ranges from 0.003 inches across its entire length. You can adjust this forwards or backwards.

  • It has fast shipping with excellent packaging.
  • You can quickly clean the concave without any problem.
  • The price you will pay for the quality you will get will be magnificent.
  • It is perfect for beginners, as you do not have to be an expert to use it.
  • The blades are incredibly flat and do not take long to sharpen.
  • The hand plane can be a little difficult to configure.
  • Blade adjustment can be a bit tedious.

10: The Metal Low Angle Woodworking Plane by TYI:

Metal Low Angle Woodworking Plane
Metal Low Angle Woodworking Plane

The last product of our reviews of best hand planes for beginners is the metal low angle woodworking plane by TYI. It Has Alloy Steel Blade And Manual Adjustment Of The Knife Nut. TYI makes this product. Therefore, it is known for providing quality in your projects, thanks to its carbon steel planer. Plus, it gives you a solid, wear-resistant adjusting bolt. Thanks to its stable operation, it will save your work and have a very long useful life.

It will always give you precision in your projects. It has a two-inch high carbon steel blade. This is made of selected, hardened, and tempered steel. Thus, you will have the edge of your blade at 100% even when you use it in hardwoods.

The body of this tool is 6.9 inches long. Instead, it is 2 inches wide with a smooth bottom. Besides, this product has a low angle brush. To install it, it is effortless; you only have to install the edge of the blade upwards. You can never remove the blade if you install it down. Besides, this provider gives you a guarantee of satisfaction.

  • You can use it in hardwoods without any problem
  • You’ll have the smoothest low angle you’ve ever looked for
  • You can adjust the blade with the lever manually
  • They have a guarantee of satisfaction for the client.
  • It has a solid body for the best performance
  • It can be a little expensive to assemble.

Buying Guide: The information you must know before buying a Hand Plane!

Before acquiring a hand plane, you must take into account different essential points. We bring you a perfect guide so you can choose the one that suits you best. The points to take into account to buy a hand plane are several. It starts with the brush types, materials, size, weight, depth of cut. Even, you must know the use to give your hand plane.

Type of hand Plane:

The first point to keep in mind is the type of plane we want. There are manual or electric hand planes. So you need to select the one that suits you. Manual brushes tend to be more precise. However, they require more considerable physical effort for their use. The use is more significant since they do not have a motor to help turn the cutting wheel.


This hand plane usually measures from 22 inches to more. In this tool, the blade is as wide as the sole. Carpenters use it to square, trim, straighten different door edges or smooth longboards.


This type of tool has a varying length. It starts with measurements from 9 to 22 inches, even more. They are also generally used for squaring, levelling, and carving wood. These types of designs are used with both hands. You can find brushes with different angles of inclination of the blade.


Its primary focus is to be used on the counter fibre. Its blade is flatter than that of the bench brush. Besides, its blade is located upside down than usual. This means that the bevel is facing up. Its pocket-size is perfect for trimming small areas, but it is not possible to straighten boards.


This tool is perfect for straightening longboards. Besides, it helps to eliminate deformations or twists in the wood. It has a length of between 12 to 17 inches. An essential feature is the versatility of the tool.


Its primary function is to flatten and smooth the surface of the wood and its length is 9 to 10 inches. Its size allows high levelling points and helps general brushing.


Before buying a hand plane, the right one for you, it is essential to know its parts. The effectiveness of this tool is its design. Next, we show you the elements of this silent but useful tool:


The surface needs to be flat and straight. This helps the correct operation of the brush. The way of manufacture must be with cast iron or to hardwood. Besides, they must be resistant to wear.


The mouth is the existing opening in the sole. In this section, you can see the blade. This is the one allowing the sliding of the shavings to the outside when they brush the wood. In the mouth, it is necessary to mount the blade, the wedge, and the counter blade.


Most brushes include two knurled nuts in brass or other metal. This material allows regulating the lateral displacement of the blade. Also, it will enable the depth adjustment. The blade must be parallel to the mouth of the brush. Besides, the brush set must be the correct one to remove thick and long shavings.


This is the detachable block that you look over the brush body. When you need to clean or sharpen, you need to unscrew or remove the wedge. You will find this wedge by pressing the counter blade.


The blade is nothing but the cutting blade. This part is the one that elaborates on the work. Usually, the best quality is provided by carbon steel blades. This blade is factory sharpened, so you should not do it. In a given case, you need to sharpen it again; you can grind on sharpening stones of different grain sizes. Thus, you will get a perfect edge.

Sizes of hand Planes:

This is a feature that should not be missing. You should consider the size when you decide to buy a hand plane. If you need a particular type of finish, you will need to choose one with perfect dimensions. This will ensure that the tool is suited to whatever use you desire.

The sizes are varied depending on the type of tool. So first, you must define what you want to do. To get details or make small grooves to your wood, you should buy manual carpenter brushes. Also, choose a small brush. Some hand planes can measure less than 10 centimetres; these can be very useful for this type of task. However, if your work is industrial, you can find brushes with a length of 30 centimetres.

Materials of Hand Planes:

There are too many sizes, models, and now, you want to know how much a hand plane costs. Something that can help you connect with the price is the material. The material from which it is made depends mostly on the type of hand plane. However, each element with which it is manufactured provides particular virtues in its segment.

The most common hand plans have a metal structure and a wooden handle. This particular case, more straightforward material, means a lower price for hand planes. It should be noted; at a lower price, the structure can be less solid. Now, let’s talk about electric brushes. These are more complex and include moving parts. In addition, they incorporate connections and power cables. For electric toothbrushes, the most common materials are a combination of resistant plastics and metals. Moreover, they include a rubber covering the handle and buttons.

Power of a hand Plane:

Power is another essential point. Different hand plans designed with different or various levels of power and speed have emerged in the market. These two factors help determine effectiveness directly. You require to pay attention to this function.

You will find the power expressed in watts. This term refers to the capacity in which your motor works. Instead, the speed is indicated in revolutions per minute or known by RPM. This shows how many turns the cutting disc of the hand plane makes in one minute.

Blade Of a Hand Plane:

The blade refers to the essential part of your brush. With this part, you will perform the sanding of the wooden surface. Often, the blades come in a reversible, but the disposable presentation. This creates additional expenses for your pocket by repairing or sharpening them when they wear out.

Remember, the blades can be of different materials and sizes. These two points will define the maximum depth of cut generated or to be created. Also, they represent the resistance to use and the economic or not price that the hand plane may have.


Some brushes include accessories. The best brush consists of the elements that help to facilitate the work. In addition, they allow us to give ourselves some freedoms outside of what is sanding as such. This will help us focus entirely on the job.

Sometimes, some plans include a nozzle designed to connect a vacuum cleaner. This nozzle will help the vacuum cleaner suck the remains and deposit them in a bag. You do not have to worry regarding waste. Other brushes include a space to store the blades and keys for adjustments. A final accessory is rear support. This accessory is almost mandatory because it keeps the blade away from any potential surface to be damaged when not in use.

Quality Of a Hand Plane:

Not all products have the same quality of durability. That is why you should look at the quality of materials and the product itself. You do not want to have a low-cost product, but with inferior quality. It is better to invest a little more and have something totally according to your needs.

Care and Maintenance Of The Hand Planes:

A good condition is what you need for your hand plane. It is necessary to clean it from time to time and grease its moving parts. To extend their maximum useful life and not spend so much money daily, you must take care of them.

If you need to remove sawdust and chips, you can blow air with a compressor. The next step may be lubrication if this tool requires it. Completely dry them with an item of kitchen paper or a completely dry towel. To avoid metal corrosion, you should apply a light coat of machinery oil.


The best hand plans are just around the corner with this guide. We have brought you only products with guaranteed quality. Besides, for your greater security, we include some information that you should know before buying. To make the right decision, you must first take into account different aspects. Take into account the types, sizes, accessories, materials, among others. You will never spend a lot of money on buying hand plans that don’t work. With this list, all have been tested, and we assure your efficiency.

Hope you liked our reviews of best hand planes for beginners, cheers.

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