How to do post hole digger troubleshooting

Post-hole diggers are useful tools when they are fully functional. In case one isn’t, it is always helpful to know a few troubleshooting tricks to get them up and running again. And if you already own a post hole digger, chances are, you like to take care of things by yourself. That is what we are going to teach you in this post hole digger troubleshooting guide.

how to do post hole digger troubleshooting

If your post hole digger is experiencing problems, here are the Steps Of troubleshooting a post hole digger:

troubleshooting the hardware of a Post hole digger

Before using mechanical tools, you should always ensure the hardware is set up properly, and everything is in place. When using the auger, if you see that the equipment is shaky or jerking a lot.

It is because of a loose or missing screw. You need to use a screwdriver to ensure everything is tight and good to go. If a screw is missing, replace it before using the auger.

If you are missing a screw when setting up the equipment, you should call or message the manufacturer.

Troubleshooting the Shovel Of A Post Hole Digger

There are two reasons your shovel might be causing problems.

They are either bent and broken, or the parts of the shovel are uneven. If they are bent or broken, you need to change the whole shovel.

You need to buy the shovel that fits the models of your post hole digger. After that, you can follow the instruction manual to set it back up.

If the shovel is not bent or broken and still you have problems while digging, then the parts are uneven. It might be hard to tell that this is the problem visually.

So, you need to take the whole thing apart and then screw them together again. To do this, unscrew the parts of the shovels and then screw them together again.

CheckTroubleshooting The Handle Of A Post Hole Digger

It is easy to recognize the problem if the handle is a malfunction. This is because the handles are an important part that allows you to control the post hole digger.

So, if something is wrong with the handle, you will feel the problem while trying to control and direct the auger.

If you face this problem, then most of the time, you will need to replace the handle. This is because most handles are made of wood, and if there is a bend or break, you can not easily fix it. You can replace it easily by taking it to a hardware store.

Alternatively, you can measure the dimensions of the handle by yourself and order the replacement online.

All you need is a screwdriver of unscrewing the handle and then screw on the replacement.

CheckTroubleshooting The Blades Of A Post Hole Digger

If your auger is running, but it is not functioning with its usual efficiency. For instance, if it is digging slowly or running but not digging at all. It indicates that the blades are worn out.

Augers dig using two separate actions. First, it needs to cut the soil from the ground, and then it moves the soil out of the hole.

If the blades or even the fishtail point are dull or damaged, the auger will not be able to cut through the soil.

In case your blades are dull, you can get them sharpened at any local engine shop or factory.

If the damage is significant and irreparable, you need to get their replacements.

See whether your fishtail is damaged; if so, you can usually get its replacement from the manufacturer. The fishtail is an important part of the auger. A damaged fishtail will not cut into the soil.

Troubleshooting The Auger Of A Post Hole Digger

If there are major problems with the auger engine, you need to contact the manufacturer. If you are not fond of the waiting time, you can take it to any small engine repair shop as well.

There is also a common cause for the auger to function improperly. If you leave the choke on after starting the post hole digger, the auger will not function properly. You can solve this problem by simply following the instruction manual for the operating device.

If you have lost or misplaced the instruction manual, here is how you can fix it. Warm up the choke by letting it run on the starting position then start the digging. There are gasoline-powered post hole diggers as well.

These post hole diggers have engines that use gasoline to power themselves. These engines may cause problems, and you can fix them by yourself.

Troubleshooting The Engine Of A Post Hole Digger

The engine may not start for several reasons that are not too complicated. First of all, to get the optimal performance, you should always ensure the gas tank is full of gasoline.

The engine will not start if the spark plug is not securely connected to the spark plug wires. Make sure they are connected securely and also ensure the power switch is on.

The most common reason for an engine to not start is because of not receiving the gasoline. You need to ensure the fuel line hose is at the bottom of the tank.

So that gravity can do its job and send fuel to the engine.

Troubleshooting The Air Filter Of A Post Hole Digger

If the air filter is stuffed with dirt and debris, your post hole digger will not function properly. You should keep the air filter clean to ensure the carburettor receives the air it needs to run properly.

Troubleshooting The Fuel Of A Post Hole Digger

If you did not use your post hole digger for a long time, the fuel would go stale. Old and stale fuel is not good for the engine. To solve this issue, you need to drain the fuel tank and refill it with fresh gasoline.

That is how to troubleshoot a post hole digger. If these steps do not solve the issues you are having, then you should send it to the manufacturer for servicing.

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