Titan 30HP HD – post hole digger Review (2021)

Titan 30HP HD Review- Best 3 Point Post Hole Digger
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Titan distributors are one of the leading tractor attachment producers in the world right now. Their Titan 30HP HD Steel Fence Posthole Digger is the best 3-point post hole digger in the market.

With all the various new augers in the market, the Titan 30HP beats the competition with its cutting-edge technology.

Post-hole diggers, otherwise known as augers, are the perfect tool for digging up holes in the ground for fences or similar types of work. Currently, titan distributors are the leading seller in the market.

Titan Distributors, Inc.

Titan Distributors, Inc. is a relatively new competitor in the market, but the pace with which it has grown over the past ten years is impressive. As of today, it is a top 500 internet retailer. Considering the fact that they started from a garage, they have come far in these short years. Titan Distributors, Inc. specializes in the production and sales of the tractor and other farm attachments, fitness equipment, ramps, and other outdoor items. 

Their vision is to supply quality ensured products to customers at an affordable price. One reason for their rapid success is their friendly and motivating workplace ethics and environment. They embrace change in the era of the internet, where if you remain stagnant, you are bound to be left behind.

Construction of the Titan 30HP HD

Titan 30HP HD
check price on amazon - Titan 30HP HD - Post Hole Digger

The Titan 30HP is built from the best materials you can use for a post hole digger, hence its slightly expensive price tag.

The boom and frame are made from 2 7/8 inches of high strength steel tubing. As the name suggests, it can be used with tractors that have up to 30 HP.

It is connected to tractors using the standard 3-point connection slots. It has safety shields on both the driveline gearbox U-joint and also the gearbox output shaft. The gearbox of the auger is filled with oil.

The auger has a PTO speed of 540 RPM. The weight of the whole attachment is approximately 223 LBS with the auger. It has a gearbox rate of 291:1.

Advantages of the Titan 30HP HD

Any well-done job requires multiple tools that work together to ensure a successful result. However, maintaining so many equipments at once is expensive. This is where the Titan 30HP HD Steel Fence Posthole Digger comes in. It can easily integrate with other machines and work harmoniously together with them.

The auger has a very high drill speed that allows it to finish its job very quickly. Even though the manufacturer says it can dig holes up to two feet, but if you set the 3-point low enough, you can dig almost up to 4 feet with it. You can even plant trees with the Titan 30HP auger’s help.

The auger is made from construction grade steel, which means it will hold even if you plan to dig the toughest of soils. Consider this a one-time investment, and the price tag will not sound so bad after all. Last but not least, it is very easy to assemble and does not need any expert help when assembling. The instructions and safety manual are included in the package.

Disadvantages of the Titan 30HP HD

If you compare it to other post hole diggers in the market, it has a slightly more expensive price tag. As the auger is very lightweight, it can shake when it hits anything solid, which may result in a somewhat wider hole.

Titan 30HP HD

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the set include an auger?

Answer: Yes, the set includes an auger.

Question: How long is the auger?

Answer: It has two different augers available; one is 9 inches, and another is 12 inches.

Question: Does the Titan 30HP work on a quick hitch?

Answer: Yes, it works on a quick hitch with no problems.

Question: What is the difference between the 30 HP and the 60 HP?

Answer: The 60 HP has a more powerful auger, but it requires a more powerful tractor to handle the force. For example, if you have a 45 HP tractor, you need to buy the Titan 30HP, not the Titan 60HP.

Question: Does the 12-inch auger go deeper?

Answer: Yes, if you set the 3-point low enough, the auger can dig up to 4 feet.

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Overall, the Titan 30HP HD Steel Fence Posthole Digger is worth every penny. The high-grade steel construction ensures you do not need to spend money on another auger every again. It is easily one of the best pole hole diggers for a tractor you will find in the market right now.

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